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Bach, J. S.

J. S. Bach - Kompositionen für die Laute

Edition by Hans Dagobert Bruger 

Wolfenbuttel: Julius Zwißlers Verlag, 1921

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Gaultier, Ennemond

Livre de tablature des pièces de luth


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Gerbode, Sarge

Sarge Gerbode repository

Discover an extensive collection of over 8,000 lute pieces (comprising 60,000 files) notated in French tablature. This remarkable assortment encompasses various formats, including fronimo (ft3), midi, TAB, and PDF. While primarily focused on renaissance lute compositions, you will also find a notable selection for baroque lute, archlute, and a limited number for instruments such as theorbo, cittern, bandora, and guitar. Additionally, the repertoire includes songs and continuo pieces, conveniently organized by composer for easy reference.

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Weiss, S. L.

Récapitulation des œuvres de Silvius Leopold Weiss

triées selon la nomenclature Weiss Sämtliche Werke.

Weiss, S. L. - illustration thumbnail

Weiss, S. L.

London Manuscript

Prague, 1717 - 1724

British Library Add MS 30387