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Strings Editions is a non-profit library dedicated to guitar music. Our catalog features compositions for plucked instruments from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical-Romantic eras, including transcriptions of works by Domenico Scarlatti and J.S. Bach not originally intended for the lute or guitar.

At Strings Editions, we have two primary objectives. Firstly, we strive to provide editions with comprehensive and well-resolved fingerings, eliminating the need for guitarists to rely on editions with inadequate or non-existent fingerings.

Secondly, we foster the selfless sharing of knowledge. Therefore, all editions in the Strings Editions catalog are accompanied by a Creative Commons license, enabling free downloads.

Our website also includes two additional sections. The first, titled Sources, serves as a directory where users can access online manuscripts and first editions of compositions for lute, vihuela, and baroque guitar. The second section, Audiovisuals, gathers videos and audio files that vividly exemplify the essence of our catalog.

Thank you for your support.

Oriol Espinal

Editor and Founder of Strings Editions